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Connect your fax server, PBX, IP gateway, or fax machine/ATA to handSIP and experience reliable FoIP.

Tell us about your fax requirements and we’ll configure a fax SIP Trunk that’s right for you.


handSIP T.38 Fax SIP Trunking offers:

  • Metered and Unmetered SIP Trunking
  • Reliable T.38 Fax over IP (FoIP)
  • Affordable plans that lower your telephony costs
  • Fast provisioning
  • Simple setup and configuration
  • Free number porting
  • T.38 with Error Correction Mode (ECM)
  • Support for fax servers, IP-PBX systems, VoIP Gateways, and ATAs
  • Exceptional voice quality
  • Service designed by experts with decades of experience in fax technology.
  • US-based support